Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: N/A
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Page Count: N/A

CHAOS, originally titled Rise of Chaos and later Chaos Reigns is a spin off and an indirect sequel to Omega X: Rise Of The Champion, following up the events in the chapter Chaos Theory which is an alternate future that is eventually avoided.


Six months after the events of Chaos Theory where Kai killed his brother Euclidean and himself in the process, Ba'al who remains alive in the alternate future obtained Kai's body and managed to revive his brain.

Kai eventually agrees to eliminate the rest of his bloodline, Euclidean's two children and Jennifer, however after seeing Samantha, Kai eventually succumbs to the darkness and rage that has possessed his bloodline and finds himself becoming the next Euclidean. With his will and feelings broken, Kai renames himself Chaos and takes Euclidean's throne from his niece Nicole, creating the first installment of the series where the cast are villains.


  • Chaos, formerly Kaius, (often shortened to Kai), the lead protagonist in Omega X: Rise Of The Champion's Chaos Theory chapter. The son of the Champion, who defeated his god-like brother Euclidean. He is revived by Ba'al however his body had decomposed and as a result stays in a sealed suit that is slowly regenerating his body.
  • Ba'al, the reviver of Kai. He wishes to use Kai to eliminate his bloodline, however his end goal is to use him to get Kai to kill him, much like his father in the correct timeline in Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.
  • Jennifer, an alternate version of Future Jennifer seen in the final chapters of Omega X: Rise Of The Champion, the same one seen in Chaos Theory, who was impregnated by Euclidean. This future Jennifer is much like her mother's Morgan persona and is almost completely corrupt.
  • Lindsey Kate Lawson, a childhood friend of Kai's. Lindsey serves as the deuteragonist, and aids Kai in taking the thrown and maintaining his sanity as well as his identity, and secretly schemes to distance Kai from Samantha, going as far as to fake a pregnancy, and publicly beating and bloodying Samantha.
  • Marcus Steel, Kai's best friend in Chaos Theory.
  • Samantha Tate, Kai's love interest in Chaos Theory. After finding her, much to Kai's horror she is in a relationship with Marcus.
  • Nicole, Euclidean's daughter. She is young and assumes her father's throne, however the empire is quickly falling apart with her father's death, until Kai reappears and takes the throne by force.
  • Joker, an eccentric dwarf who works as the court jester. Realizing his vast knowledge, Kai promotes him to Advisor upon taking the throne. Later on, Joker is promoted to Chief Advisor and by de facto heir to the throne upon Kai's death much to the chagrin of Lindsey Lawson.
  • Yurial Dempt, an ambassador of the Universal Alliance.
  • Rampage, the leader of the Universal Alliance.
  • Chronozon, a Demon God sealed away long ago.
  • Baphomet, a Demon God.

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