Balgaine Ales
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 2801 AΩX
Age 39 (Omega Destruction)
Stopped Aging At 40
Brionac Rank Lieutenant-Colonel
Neo Brionac Rank General
Appearances Omega Destruction


Balgaine Ales, was a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Brionac Force during the Human War and is now the General of the Neo Brionac organisation. Balgaine is a power fighter who yearns for an honorable death on the battlefield. His cyborg body packs unimaginable power, and his weaponized chainsaw, named Nidhogg, was developed specifically for battle. His weapon boasts the most attack power, even amongst the Brionac members.His nickname is Baron of Gore.



Balgaine appears in Omega Destruction as a very strict instructor for the Jects. Balgaine disciplined the Jects in preparation for the Chronicles of the Sword tournament. Many of his pupils ended up surpassing Balgaine who failed to make it past round 1 as he faced his superior Lambda Zellwegger who informed Balgaine he could not win.

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