Omega Series Wiki
Species: Human
Born: 2835 AΩX
Age: 28 (Omega 5)
Element: Earth
Job Class: Master
Weapon: Gloves
Short Sword
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Drake

Aurelius, entered Omega V: Redemption as a minor villain in the Malkuth army.



Aurelius is a tall, man with no hair, save one curl of blonde hair. He is extremely muscular, and a skilled hand to hand combatant.


All that can be said is Aurelius is an annoying man with a mix of an Australian, English and Scottish accent, and phrases.


Pre RP[]


Since Aurelius was a child he knew he wanted to join the Malkuth Army, and make a great name for himself. His parents saw the potential he possesed as a warrior and sent him to the best fighters the empire had to teach him the path of a warrior. After much struggling, Aurelius ascended to the rank of General of the Malkuth Empire's vast empires.


Invasion of Quartz[]

Upon ascending the ranks to general, the emperor sent General Aurelius to lead an invasion onthe space station Quartz to find the Frozen Flame. After realizing the Frozen Flame had escaped the space colony, he deployed his forces onto the nearby planet of Shiron in pursuit of space ships that fled the invasion. Upon landing on the planet, Aurelius found Raizen Toshira, and Karu Takahashi fighting. After capturing Karu, and launching a hunt to capture Raizen.

After confirming the Oblivion Heroes left the planet, Aurelius left to return to the mothership leaving his men to clean up. Back on the ship, he was ordered to check the hostages of the stolen space ship the Oblivion Heroes used to escape the battle for the Frozen Flame. After searching the party, he discovered Logan carried it, and sent him to death. However Logan eluded death and stole the Frozen Flame back, and escaped the ship with the Oblivion Heroes on board another stolen ship.

Seeing the failures of their new general, the empire sent him to take command of the freshly claimed Quartz Colony Space Station in an attempt to rid themselves of a failure general. Little did the empire know, that the stolen ship carrying the Oblivion Heroes was back at the Quartz Station, and waged a battle against Aurelius's forces there. While the main forces kept the heroes at bay, Aurelius was confronted by Hawk Sunstrider, who he lost a bet to back on the mothership, concerning Logan's supposed death. When Aurelius declined to pay 5000 dollars to Hawk, the two entered a battle, only for it to be cut short by a call from Malkuth Military HeadQuaters demanding him back immediately.

Battle at Elicoor[]

Aurelius met the Redemption party on Planet Elicoor to collect Logan in exchange for Oblivion Hero Temari, but failed to get Logan and lost Temari. He also engaged Hawk in battle a second time, but was recalled back to base before conclusion.