Ashley Williams
Species: Preliator
Born: TBD
Age: TBD
Element: Holy
Job Class: Medic
Way of the Fist
Weapon: None
Appearances: Omega X: Rise Of The Champion
Creator: OmegaX

Ashley Williams is a major character in Omega X: Rise Of The Champion. Like The Champion, Ashley Williams is based off a character with the same name in Shattered Edge.

Initially she serves as a love interest for The Champion, serving as a character with light-hearted characteristics working as a medic. After her death, her resurrection serves as the sole goal of the Champion. Upon her return, her character changes dramatically, her origins reveal that like the Champion, she too is a Preliator, and displays powers equal to that of the Champion.


Early HistoryEdit


Ashley Williams ChroniclesEdit

Ashley Williams and co. survive the final battle with Dark Uvani. With Dark Uvani dead, and The Champion missing, Ashley and co. search to find him. After seeing him on a space colony, Ashley displays incredible powers as she rips as a spaceship dock to shreds as she tries to make contact with the Champion. After failing, Ashley transforms for the first time and mercilessly kills her captors.

At the end of Ashely Williams Chronicles, Ashley gives in and makes a deal with Gabriel . Ashley would have 1000 days to live in exchange for the Champion's location. Gabriel however revealed one more minor detail... there must be a blood sacrifice to finalize the deal, Ashley without hesitation kills Trent solidifying how much she has changed.

The ReturnEdit

The Final Battle & Birth of JetEdit

Death of JetEdit

Ashley Williams Chronicles IIEdit

Billy's AwakeningEdit

Walk With Me.. In HellEdit

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