Anthology, is a compilation fighting game featuring characters from every Omega installment.


Anthology storyline is non-canon. Characters from different Omegas have been brought to Ba'al's home-world to compete in a tournament where good fights evil.


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Anthology features 32 characters, in order to avoid having a character appear multiple times (example Scythe), other characters whom played secondary roles were chosen, despite this, Logan Atma is featured twice, as his character introduced in Omega V: Redemption is significantly different from his characters in Omega IX: Condemned. Some protagonists and antagonists were inverted in other games, for instance antagonist Albel Nox was a protagonist in Omega IV: Oblivion, there are other characters whose alignment shifted within the game such as Asch.

Original Game Protagonists Antagonists
Omega Destruction Albedo (Kid)
Eve (Kid)
Azure Knight
Omega II: Tag Team Tournament Coresatsuno Siphondel Porto
Omega III: Dark Resurrection Drake Sunstrider Albel Nox
Omega III: The Clash of the Elements Ruen Syphon
Omega IV: Oblivion Genesis
Omega V: Redemption Logan Atma (Leviticus)
Maria Traydor
Omega VI: Revelations Luke Fabre Asch
Omega VII: Dark Delusion Aphelion Genocide
King Bohan
Omega VIII: Armageddon Vyse Lambda Zellwegger
Omega IX: Condemned Godhand Exodus (Logan Atma)
Omega X: Rise Of The Champion Ashley Williams (Prologue)
The Champion (Prologue)
Dark Uvani
The Master (Final Boss)
Morgan (Sub Boss)
CHAOS Kai (Chaos) Lindsey Lawson
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