Omega Series Wiki
Species: Android
Born: 2863 AΩX
Truce Village, Guardia, Xareth
Age: New Born (Omega 5)
28 (Death)
Element: Dark Lightning
Job Class: Unknown
Weapon: Annihilators (Dual Jamadhar Katars)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX
Annihilation = Annihilus + Mushra
Tera Shinryu = Hyper Kutal (Jogress with Annihilus) + Hyper Mushra (Jogress with Wotan) + Hyper Sago (Jogress with Edea)
Dark King Shinryu = Hyper Kutal (Jogress with Annihilus) + Hyper Mushra (Jogress with Wotan) + Hyper Sago (Jogress with Edea) + the Deadly Sin Wrath

Annihilus (2863 AΩX - 0018 AΩX), also known as Cypher in Omega V: Redemption, is a legendary character in the Omega Series being the first Android in the series. Annihilus' entire storyline revolves around a Predestination Paradox.



Despite being an Android, Annihilus looks very much like a living organism.


Annihilus' personality is that of a generic Android.


Annihilus has various which cause his central CPU to focus on certain actions, known modes:

  • Attack Mode, fighting mode.
  • Freed Mode, Annihilus observes and does what he will.
  • Genocide Mode, Annihilus uses his Limit Break.
  • Kamikaze Mode, Annihilus self donates killing opponents.
  • Sleep Mode, Annihilus shuts down, allowing his CPU to rest.



As part of Annihilus' Predestination Paradox he was created by Belial based on none other than Annihilus himself. These blueprints that Belial created were stoled by Beowulf Atma during the events of Omega IV: Oblivion. Beowulf would soon give these blueprints to Holland No'Rav who would give it to Lucca during Omega V: Redemption. Lucca would then go on to create Annihilus based on the blueprints.

Seven Heroes[]

Annihilus was one of the Seven Heroes, unlike the others he was an Android who was rumored to have been created by created by the legendary Doctor Boskonovitch to defeat the Seven Great Demon Gods. He served as a power source for the Dark King Shinryu for 18 years until The Forgotten One destroyed his body.

Predestination Paradox[]

Annihilus was created by Lucca in 2863 AΩX using blueprints constructed by Belial who made the said blueprints based on her battle with Annihilus in 0000 AΩX. Annihilus would later go back in time to 0010 BFC, 2873 years in time where he would stay in that time and would later go on to defeat Belial becoming one of the Seven Heroes, which would later cause Belial to create his blueprints upon her resurrection.



  • Beowulf Atma, an indirect great grandfather of Annihilus. He gave the blueprints to Holland No'Rav
  • Belial, the indirect creator of Annihilus.
  • Holland No'Rav, an indirect grandfather of Annihilus. He gave the blueprints to Lucca.
  • Lucca, Annihilus' creator. She created Annihilus based off of Belial's blueprints.