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Alkanphel Marushagan
Species: Half Demon
Born: 2843 AΩX
Age: 20
Element: Darkness
Job Class: Mercenary
Weapon: Masamune (Katana)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Deviljin

Alkanphel Marushagan was a minor character in Omega V: Redemption.

When Alkanphel was discovered that he was a half demon, he was shunned and banished from a village because of his power, at the age of 11. He then seeked for some kind of refuge. A full demon took him in, but when they had realized he was only a half demon he was dismissed by them as well. Since then he had become a neutral fighter; seeking vengeance on both demon and humans alike because of his appearance and heritage. He finds people are pathetic when discriminating others.