Alexi Armond Grimrose
Alexi Armond Grimrose
Species: Human
Born: 2812 AΩX
Age: 28 (Omega Destruction)
Element: N/A
Job Class: Scientist
Weapon: Claw, Dual bladed sword
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: scarlet robe

Alexi Armond Grimrose, is one of the few scientists who know about the existance of 013, Alexi was responsible for having it "terminated." The reason for this was to protect it until it could be used as intended, though the Ject developed in a strange way. Alexi is also the only person in Deadpool allowed to come in contact with the Ject, as the last two who came in contact with Failure were nearly killed. Somehow he feels a connection with this boy. Sometimes treating it as his own child.



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