Albel Nox
Species: Human
Born: 2815-2825 AΩX
Age: 15-25 (Omega Destruction - Disputed)
35-45 (Omega 3 - Disputed)
37-47 (Omega 4 - Disputed)
Element: Void
Job Class: Thief
Weapon: Demon Claw (Dagger)
Dragon Seal (Katana)
Appearances: Omega III: Dark Resurrection
Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega Destruction
Creator: Bass

Albel Nox, is a Filgain who first appeared in Omega III: Dark Resurrection.


Human WarEdit

Albel, Maestro, Alpha and Beowulf were war children who grew up together and trained together while their fathers fought in the war. All of them joined the Congressional Knight army. During a mission, Albel recovered a Global Union baby, instead of killing him, he ended up adopting him.

Omega DestructionEdit

Albedo appears in Omega Destruction as a minor instructor for the Jects.


Albel in Omega III: Dark Resurrection

Post WarEdit

After the war, Albel instantly rose up in rankings and became the highest ranking soldier for the Congressional Knights outside of the Council. He also led the Black Brigade, which Coresatsuno later joined.

Emperor BassEdit

After convincing the Council to send Coresatsuno after the X-Calibur, a triumphed Coresatsuno returned and slayed the Council which then put Albel as the second highest ranking soldier in the entire Congressional Knight army.


Albel in Omega IV: Oblivion

The Chronicles of The Sword (2860 AΩX)Edit

Albel competed in the Chronicles of The Sword 2860 Tournament where he managed to reach the final round, after a draw in the final, Coresatsuno officially substituted for him, after Belial revealed herself, Albel and everyone else at the tournament were transported to Oblivion.


Albel's whereabouts are currently unknown.



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