Species: Human
Undead (2840 AΩX)
Born: 2808 AΩX
Age: 32 (Omega Destruction, Death)
Element: Darkness
Job Class: Monk
Weapon: Bare Handed
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Ajaxis (2808 AΩX - 2840 AΩX), is a villain from Omega Destruction.


Ajaxis is a member of the Global Union who killed Siegfried Atma. Ajaxis later fights Beowulf Atma in the final of the Chronicles of the Sword tournament resulting in Beowulf transforming into Exodus for the first time and killing him.

Ajaxis returned at the restarted tournament, stronger than before as an undead resurrected by Hauser Blackwell.

Ajaxis would kill an SA during the tournament and would progress to the quarterfinals where he faced off against Scythe. During the battle, the Azure Knight would inform Scythe that Ajaxis had killed Scythe's father, causing Scythe's rage to reach its breaking point transforming him into a demon. Scythe would then kill Ajaxis, destroying his corpse to prevent any sort of resurrection.

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