Aerith i.jpg
Species: Ancient
Born: 2846 AΩX
Age: 16 (Omega 4)
17 (Omega 5)
Element: Void
Job Class: Gunblade Specialist (Omega 4)
Dark Knight (Omega 5)
Druid (Omega 5)
Dhoul Magus (Omega 5)
Gunblade Specialist MK II (Omega 5)
Weapon: Evangelion (Gunblade)
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption
Creator: AsukaLangleySohryu

Aerith (2846 AΩX -) is a character in Omega 4 and 5, serving mainly as comic relief.

Oblivion[edit | edit source]

Aerith is about as fiery as they come. Aggressive but shy, she is in search of popularity. She rapes people after knocking them out with her powers. After having a broadcasted threesome (raping Scout with the aid of Ai) while her short stay on Earth at the White House, inside the Presidents Office, she became very famous in the Pornography world without ever realizing it, her relations with Genesis made her fall fall in love with him, and devoted her body to him making her stop raping random people.

Redemption[edit | edit source]

Aerith in Omega IV: Oblivion.

She was still bit of a slut, but she had cleaned up act, and taken up the Duties of the group healer carrying more about the lives of ther then her own life, she still carried a longing for the missing Genesis that was at the time thought to be dead, and she mourned his death knowing would never embrace her true love again, when Genesis returned she went to embrace, and he rejected crushing her feelings completely by handing her cocaine and telling her to go away, she found herself wanted to die getting ready to overdose on the drugs given to her till Zoro convince to no kill herself and just enjoy the drugs instead, they had passionate sex together before she passed out, while she slept, tried to hit on Allura and he was murdered torn to sheds right beside Aerith by Allura's wolf protector Tsuki covering her with his blood.

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